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Inge Nominated for Lifetime Achievement Award in Modeling and Simulation

A national leader, entrepreneur, and philanthropic investor in modeling and simulation as it relates to clean energy for the past two decades, Dr. Carole Cameron Inge has been nominated for the Governor’s Award for Lifetime Achievement in modeling and simulation. She began her modeling and simulation career with her work on a distance education program: Computer-Assisted Education and Training initiative (DARPA), and became a national leader in distance education, training, and virtual environments, including artificial intelligence systems. Its goal was to field test new software and online platforms for education using Multiple User Dimension (MUD), Multiple User Synthetic Environment (MUSE), and Multi-User Object Oriented (MOO). The program led to what is known today as SCORM.

In 2007, Inge began the Modeling and Simulation Center for Collaborative Technology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VT) as part of an economic development initiative funded by the Virginia Tobacco Commission and private companies such as Tetra Tech, Inc., a company Inge attracted to the project. Today, the center is operating with next-generation modeling and simulation tools. Center focus includes advanced manufacturing as well as modeling and simulation training for students in kindergarten through college. The first modeling and simulation center in university history, it was the only one in Virginia built in an economically depressed rural community for economic revitalization. As lead scientist and researcher, Inge led a next-generation night vision goggle study to support the needs of the US DoD. While at the Center, she secured over $12 million in grant awards, contracts, and gifts.

In 2009, Dr. Inge founded the Modeling and Simulation Center of Excellence, currently being developed in the Washington metropolitan area. The center is being designed to bring alternative, clean, and renewable energy technologies to market, with a primary focus on the US Department of Defense. Her company, the National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy (NICCE), will provide services to US-based energy development near Washington, DC. She serves on the Clean Energy Ministerial advisory taskforce of the US Under Secretary of Energy (Clean Energy Education and Empowerment [C3E]), and her company is part of the Energy and Climate Partnership of America, a program developed by Department of Energy Secretary, Dr. Steven Chu. Through these avenues, Inge provides leadership and guidance to policy makers who want to see clean, renewable, and alternative energy technology brought to market through a “pro-business” community growth model.

“Carole Inge is a dynamic and creative manager, leader, and visionary I have enjoyed working with on many diverse projects, including establishing the VT Center (VTMSCCT), launching the VT Clean Energy Business Incubator Program, pursuing funding, and working on research. As Executive Director of the VTMSCCT, she has led the program from its inception. She identified a need, proposed a solution, secured support and funding, and executed her vision to create the VTMSCCT and locate the facility in South Boston, VA. Her determination and leadership created a research facility capable of 3D visualization equipment linked to an Enterprise GIS system for modeling and simulation analysis for environmental and energy research and projects. Inge’s efforts also led to increased technical capabilities and regional employment. Her model of the research center operation being joined with public and private entities illustrates her extraordinary vision beyond the limited definition of a university research center. Through her energy, commitment, and initiative, she stays ahead of her colleagues, seeking and evaluating opportunities and building upon accomplishments.

After establishing the VTMSCCT, Inge saw the need to increase the Center’s focus and capabilities in clean energy and translated that need into securing funding to enhance the Center’s capabilities in energy by establishing the Virginia Clean Energy Business Incubator program. Through this program, she is leading projects to incubate new clean energy technologies and apply innovative solutions to energy problems while leveraging her facility’s modeling and simulation capabilities. While directing the VTMSCCT, Dr. Inge has served as principal investigator on many research projects. Her ability to lead and manage investigations is exceptional, and her dedication has led to meeting objectives, continued relationships, and further work.

Dr. Carole Inge has expertise in project and team management within and outside of the university setting, including managing sensitive materials (such as U.S. export controlled materials and government research), applying new and advanced technologies in research, and conducting studies involving human participants. She is a creative thinker and dynamic leader who has combined her background in advanced technology with her skills in solving problems to go beyond the expected to achieve the exceptional.”

January 28, 2009, Brian Hazelwood, Environmental Project Manager, Tetra Tech

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