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NICCE Leads Discussions with Key Executives in the Norfolk, VA Region

Last week at a conference hosted at the Marriott Hotel and put on by the Green Jobs Alliance in Norfolk Virginia, regional leaders gathered to discuss the role of incubators in developing jobs in the green energy economy. Dr. Carole Cameron Inge, President and CEO of NICCE, Inc. spoke in two separate key sessions to groups of business leaders about the value of being ready and prepared by incubators to go to market. The first session Inge led centered on local and state level incubators and the role of the developing National Capital Clean Energy Incubator, "an incubators of incubators in clean energy." In the second session Inge led a discussion on private equity financing and public funding for energy technology companies. She stated that in order for NICCE, Inc. to provide services to growing energy companies in the audience, they needed to be ready for the full commercialization launch to include 1) having a clean energy customer identified, 2) having a best in class technology, and 3) being ready to get to market within a 36 month window but with a long term payback for investors. "The larger investors like ones that will put up $100M for a wind farm, are seeking a longer and steadier payback than a traditional venture capitalist," stated Inge. The role of incubators, as she described to the eager audience, is to help you get to the point where you can commercialize, a key activity provided by the NICCE, Inc. leadership team that Inge leads. On one of the panels with Inge was a newly appointed US Department of Energy leader under the Obama administration who also echoed the comments made by Inge.

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NICCE Leads Discussions with Key Executives in the Norfolk, VA Region
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