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Virtual Worlds

The Center's virtual worlds provider is Forterra Systems Inc., the leader in private, virtual environments that enable users to rapidly create their own secure, high-fidelity, 3-D Internet solutions. The process makes it possible to meet virtually to train, collaborate, bring products to market, and manage operations.


The Center's OLIVE is an open, distributed client-server platform for building private, realistic virtual worlds. Our professionals can scale it from single-user applications to thousands of concurrent users, depending on need.



OLIVE brings people together electronically to review presentations, documents, or products in a real-time, familiar environment with spatially accurate 3D voice interaction. Users can make more informed decisions faster without the expense and delays of travel.


OLIVE allows learners to access their SCORM or digital training content in a 3D environment, participate in practice exercises in realistic scenes, and watch virtual humans in action. OLIVE provides new means to practice 1:1 or team training, with scenarios recorded and replayed in 3D.

Product Life Cycle Management

OLIVE enables replication of complex real-world work sites and equipment like those found in the retail, manufacturing, energy, and transportation sectors. Teams can review and assess products or processes from all angles and perspectives, accelerating feedback about critical processes like product prototype reviews and product placement effectiveness.

Operations Management

OLIVE creates secure 3D operations and war rooms to monitor processes in real time. Participants can view multiple panels of information feeds and gain situational awareness of critical events.

Our Collaborative Work Studios

We are proud to be a leading developer of new technologies as well as emerging collaborative office environments
like the one you see pictured here. The piece is part of a "collaboratory" which is a multi-user and multimedia work
station that allows for people to project manage, videoconference and conduct webinars simultaneously. We put
this collaboratory into the second facility we built in South Boston, Virginia for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
University and the Virginia Tobacco Commission as part of a regional economic effort located in Riverstone
Technology Park on the North Carolina boarder.

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