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National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy (NICCE)

The National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy (NICCE, Inc.) is a Delaware C corporation representing a collaboration between major Tier One universities like Harvard, Yale, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the University of Virginia, James Madison University, and numerous private companies in the scientific and technological fields. In 2007, the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission allocated start-up funding to create a modeling and simulation clean energy pilot project, with a focus on energy and the environment. The program was founded by Dr. Carole Cameron Inge, a national renaissance leader in emerging technology and clean energy. After much research and a successful deployment of the pilot, Inge launched NICCE, Inc., the nation's fastest growing clean energy company. For the Tobacco Commission, and using grant funding and personal funding, Inge and her team led the creation of a state-of-the-art modeling and simulation program that eventually led to the creation of the Virginia Clean Energy Business Incubator, a project NICCE, Inc. manages today. The pilot program and the Virginia Clean Energy Incubator served as the template for NICCE's National Capital Clean Energy Incubator (a mega incubator of incubators worldwide). Within this project is the National Modeling and Simulation Center of Excellence and the World Data Center on Energy.

NICCE, Inc. works with disruptive technologies, in conjunction with the nation's leading labs. Our resources include high-end computational workstations, a Tier 1 redundant fiber optic network, data centers, 3D high definition decision support tools, immersive collaborative environments like Cisco's TelePresence theaters located around the world, enterprise geospatial laboratories, and high-end audio-visual multimedia tools. Our technical assets intersect with the National Lambda Rail and Internet2 and numerous supercomputers from around the world.

A cornerstone of NICCE is its energy and environmental multimedia studios. NICCE provides a medium for combining academic professional development and research, with real world experiences through internships and employment opportunities, with private companies in high tech fields. Unique to modeling and simulation is the ability to see elements of complex engineering and scientific problems that might otherwise be difficult to understand. NICCE is the only internationally-based modeling and simulation program focused on clean energy and environmental commercialization with career opportunities worldwide.

In the spring of 2008, Dr. Inge founded the Virginia Clean Energy Business Incubator with funding from the Virginia Tobacco Commission. The focus was to build an environmental and energy technology research, development, and commercialization model that today serves as the foundation for the current project. As company executives and board members approached Dr. Inge and her team, a decision to take the modeling and simulation program international was made. "Alternative energy was something I heard over and over from defense firms and so in late 2009, Virginia Tech turned its focus toward this need," stated Inge. The energy technology commercialization incubator brand was soon developed by Dr. Inge with Virginia Tech and Research Triangle International (RTI). Soon thereafter, this gave way to the the creation of the National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy. With this focus is a natural intersection for modeling and simulation, a core component of NICCE, giving way to the creation of the National Modeling and Simulation Center of Excellence. These projects, along with our university partners, and the national labs, provide energy technology commercialization services to the nati
on's leading businesses, incubator partners in Virginia and our partners around the world.

Dr. Inge and her senior management team, have been meeting with economic developers in Maryland and the Washington, DC regions since early 2010. A plan has been developed to locate up to 100,000 square feet of modeling, simulation, and energy commercialization space near Washington, DC. The center will soon be the home of the National Capitol Clean Energy Incubator, a project designed to network all clean energy incubators developing in Virginia and now throughout the United States of America. Phase 1 capital cost is $25 million dollars with an estimated $5 million annual operating budget. So far, there is much momentum with the partners that have been working with Dr. Inge and there is significant interest from the investment community. Clean energy is a growing investment opportunity and one that is expected to reshape the America economy.

Through clean tech incubators, Dr. Inge and her team link "best in class" technology developed by inventors and researchers from around the world to angel investors, venture capitalists, and large companies seeking licensing agreements, acquisitions and mergers. NICCE and its partners are helping to establish Virginia as a leading modeling and simulation energy technology research, development, and commercialization powerhouse. As a value-added service provider and reseller, NICCE and its incubator network provide modeling and simulation tools that provide a proof of concept for new and emerging technology before they are scaled to the pilot phase of commercialization, giving investors a comfort level they agree is needed. With the leadership from the National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy, Virginia is poised to be a national leader in clean energy.

Today, NICCE is a visible high profile national and growing international brand. With numerous corporate sponsors and Tier 1 universities and labs, Virginia has become a destination for clean energy research, development, and commercialization. The developing incubators serve as physical assets for clean energy technology development and serve as virtual networks of public and private organizations that link the business community with the research community, specifically in the environmental and energy technology areas. The incubators in Virginia and the national ones partnering with NICCE include, but are not limited, to the Riverstone Energy Center (South Boston, VA), Dominion Resource's CleanTech Incubator (Ashland, VA), the Sustainability Park (Hopewell, VA), and the Va Beach Clean Tech Incubator (Virginia Beach). With these developing projects, the The National Capitol Clean Energy Incubator harnesses the talent within these regions and nurtures new high tech green jobs for Virginia. Having a national incubator presence with a geographic footprint near the nation's Capitol will serve as a symbol for alternative and clean energy. NICCE specifically serves the growing appetite of the defense industry for energy technology.

National Capitol Clean Energy Incubator

The National Capitol Clean Energy Incubator is a physical asset under development and we are eyeing a location in the high tech region of Northern Virginia outside Dulles Airport and in the heart of defense alley. The incubator has partnered with some of the nation's most advanced companies and multiple Tier 1 universities in the modeling and simulation space. Collectively, they foster a venue for the screening, researching, developing, and commercializing "best in class" alternative, clean and nontraditional energy technologies. Along with the commercialization business services, technologies are validated using the nation's most sophisticated modeling and simulation tools. Our teams of modeling and simulation experts have been organized around energy domains and we bring them to our clients from our partnering universities, the national energy laboratories and in many cases from corporate partners who have preformed this type of work for decades in the defense space. These relationships are formalized through contractual services and our partners have found this to be a key way to grow their businesses.

The National Capitol Clean Energy Incubator is a nationally recognized network of businesses located in clean energy incubators around the nation. The template for this national model was developed by Dr. Inge and Virginia Tech University, with generous funding provided by the Virginia Tobacco Commission and Halifax County at Riverstone Technology Park. Our goal is to improve the lives and livelihoods of all Americans through our continued support of innovative and sustainable technologies. One of our goals is to help companies be profitable so they can in turn create high quality "green collar" jobs in the United States.

The picture featured here is one of the technologies we are exploring. This client is seeking a place to commercialize the technology in the USA and they are seeking a distribution channel. For more information on this technology, please contact us.

TelePresence for Training

Using Tobacco Commission resources, we are developing a Web portal for shared information and links to the rest of the energy efforts in the tobacco region. Together, we are creating a climate for energy activities that is supported by the ACEBI. CaseNEX, LLC, our on-line outreach and training partner for these efforts, is a 15-year-old spinoff company from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and Curry School of Education. It is envisioned that this partner will work with us and other energy centers in a climate of collaboration on the outreach and training side of the program. Training of future energy and environmental scientists and engineers will be critical to this effort in the next decade.

To assist renewable energy researchers and entrepreneurs, we are the newest associate member of the ACEBI which has an impressive network of researchers, investors, and industry leaders who have provided mentoring, financing, and networking opportunities for our developing clean energy community. With our partners, we are growing this network to bring more states and communities online with new next generation clean energy incubators.

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