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Beginning in 2004, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VT) appointed Dr. Carole Cameron Inge to create a regional economic transformation program focused on modeling, simulation and what is known today as an innovative clean energy business incubator model. The goal of the regional program was to attract and retain engineers, researchers, scientists, and related businessmen and women to the southeastern part of the Tobacco Commission's region Virginia (two hours south of Richmond, VA). The program was established in Riverstone Technology Park in Halifax County.

In little to no time, the program successfully attracted and expanded ten businesses and impacted many people who worked at Riverstone during the developing stages. With significant experience in leveraging resources and commercializing technology, Dr. Inge forged a new model called the National Institute for the Commercialization for Clean Energy (NICCE) and in late 2009, and at the encouragement of Virginia Tech and the Office of Economic Development, she expanded the university partners to include UVA, James Madison University, Old Dominion University and Virginia State University. In early 2010, these universities and several high profile companies who have disruptive energy technology, called on Virginia Tech and Inge to expand the model beyond the Tobacco Commission's region. As a result of the desire to expand the incubator model, Inge and her university partners turned their attention to the northern part of Virginia and looked outward beyond the boarders of Virginia at what is today, a scaled national model called the National Capitol Clean Energy Incubator.

So far, the synergy has created research and commercial opportunities that enhance new energy technology development. Frontline Test Services, CaseNEX, WattShifters, Encell, Algal Farms, 3RiverTec, White Oak Strategies, LLC, Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, 5 Star Solutions and Tetra Tech, Inc. are several examples of the commercial enterprises that benefited from Virginia Tech's work, and all companies recently expanded their programs, and in some cases, their offices in Virginia.

NICCE is a premier clean energy technology commercialization organization with clear focus areas for helping companies and communities achieve their goals. For companies the focus is on developing products and making money, for communities the focus is on expanding job opportunities in the clean tech space, known as "green collar jobs."

NICCE's Services for Companies with Technology:
➢Commercialization and business services: financial forecasting, sales and marketing strategies, capitalization, university, national labs, corporate partnership development, business planning and staging, government relations strategies
➢Technology validation using modeling and simulation tools and techniques, QA/QC and third party validation
➢Site location services using geospatial technology and community assessments, economic development contract negotiations

NICCE's Services for Communities Seeking Companies with Technology:
➢Community development services for communities seeking high technology businesses and green collar job creation: community labor force assessments, asset inventory assessments, website and online outreach strategies, marketing plans, government relation services
➢Grant identification, visioning, program management, oversite and evaluation

NICCE provides these services in cooperation with Virginia Tech and our university partners.

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Who We Are

The National Institute for the Commercialization of Clean Energy (NICCE) representing a multi-discipline partnership between Virginia Tech, UVA, James Madison University, Virginia State University and numerous corporate partners, is an organization involved in the critical technologies of computer modeling, simulation, visualization, and analysis. NICCE is developing the National Capitol Energy Incubator to provide a medium for combining academic development and research with real-world experience. We believe this creates a synergistic environment to grow new opportunities within modeling, simulation, and visualization. Unique to this type of work is the ability to see elements of complex engineering and scientific problems that might otherwise be difficult to understand. The new incubator will be the largest modeling and simulation center focused on energy and the
environment in the nation.

Purpose of NICCE

NICCE develops and implements technology partnerships based on the standards established by the following

1. Balance public and private interests.

Form partnerships that serve the public interest and advance the university and Tobacco Commission
goals. Demonstrate appropriate stewardship of publicly funded assets that yield regional benefits. Provide value
to commercial partners.

2. Focus on outcomes.

Develop mutually beneficial collaborations through processes that are timely, flexible, efficient, and
compliant with requirements. Align actions with business outcomes.

3. Reflect core values.

Conduct technology partnership processes through professional practices, action, and a respect for duty.
Align with the fundamental values of honesty, integrity, fairness, stewardship, and quality.

4. Create transparency.

Make goals, processes, and the availability of intellectual assets transparent. Keep partners informed of
decisions and the status of actions as agreements are developed.

5. Ensure confidentiality.

Maintain deep respect for proprietary business information and data.

6. Seek continuous improvement.

Measure, monitor, and seek feedback about processes and outcomes and use this information to improve

Establishing a relationship with NICCE requires the following:

A. Willingness to commercialize your technology within 36 months.

B. Commitment to locate your company or an office of your company to one of the incubators affiliated with NICCE or its partners
C. A legal license, patent, or patent pending on your product.

US Patent Office Web site.

D. Having a technology product that can solve an energy problem considered significant to the steering committee and stakeholders of NICCE or having a product with a buyer identified and or pending contract with that buyer.

E. Previous experience commercializing technology.

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